Its that age old and perennial problem, what to do get Dad for Christmas. Christmas is fast approaching and you want get him something different this year. You want to make a change from the annual offering of aftershave and slippers. Well, help is at hand. Here you will find lots of great ideas that will make Christmas extra special this year and at prices that will will fit your budget.

Dad thinks he's Tiger Woods?

Your Dad fancies himself as a bit of a golfing expert, but he could probably do with a polite  nudge in the right direction. Why not use modern technology to help him get that perfect swing? The Zepp 3D Golf Swing Analyser 2.0 comes with a Sensor, Glove Mount and Charger which when used will analyse and send data to his smart phone. Important components of golfing ability can be measured such as speed of the club, hand speed, plane speed, tempo and backswing length. With audio video capture, he will even be able to view his swing in 3D. The gift can be used on Android and iPhones by downloading an app from the product's website.



The name's Bond...James Bond

 "Tiffany: I'll finish dressing." - Bond: "Oh please don't, not on my account" from 'Diamonds Are Forever', 1971

James Bond is a fictional secret agent for the British secret service MI7. It was a creation of the writer Ian Fleming whose life was not dissimilar. Created in 1953, in total, there were 12 novels and 2 short stories.

Lets face it, James Bond is cool, he's the quintessential English man who is debonair, charming and witty. If your Dad is a Bond fan and he has all the DVDs, why not get him something different this year with the James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette. Shaken not stirred the, the gift comes in 50 ml and 100ml sizes and your Dad will be the envy of all his friends.

 Watch his eyes light up

If your Dad is a fan of the classic Campervan, then get him one of these really cool official 'VW Volkswagen Red Campervan Mood Night' lamps. The Volkswagen Campervan first appeared at the Geneva Motor Show in 1949 and was based on the Volkswagen Beetle chassis.



Dad's Survival Kit Gift

The 'Dad's Survival Kit' gift includes the following:  Mint - you are 'worth a mint' to me, Elastic band - you are always flexible, Paperclip - to keep us close together in good and bad times, Teabag - put your feet up and relax with a cuppa, Balloon - you always help me to reach for the sky, Plasters - you are there for me in times of need, Love Hearts - to remind you how much you are loved, Tissue - for all those tears you have dried over the years, Crayon - to make your day bright and colourful, Jigsaw piece - you are a very important 'piece' of my life, Safety pin - you have always kept me safe, Playing card - to help you 'deal' with any situation, Coffee - to give you the energy you must need to be the best Dad in the world, Toothpick - to 'pick' out the best of our memories and a Candle - you light up my life'


Score a winner with this gift

Lionel Messi, the Barcelona striker is arguably the best footballer in the world. If your Dad is a fan of football, then he certainly will be a fan of the magical Messi. The book is 288 pages long and is written by  Luca Caioli who works for Sky Italia is a respected sport's journalist who lives in Spain. Updated in 2017, the book includes commentary from coaches, teammates as well as Messi himself.


The day Dad was born...That's ancient history!

If you want to get your Dad a unique gift this Christmas, then there is nothing better than giving him an original newspaper from the day he was born (excludes Saturday and Sundays). The item comes with a certificate of authenticity and also comes in a red presentation box embossed on the front with "A Day to Remember".

 Out with the lads

Your Dad can be the envy of all the lads down the pub Christmas day with this 'Adult Unisex Novelty Knitted Christmas Festive Jumper'. Numerous colours, sizes and designs available. The jumpers are 100% Acrylic, machine washable and with a  ribbed crew neckline, long sleeves, 3D features to front, he'll a merry Christmas.


Too many mince pies...Get him fit this Christmas

All too often at Christmas, there are an abundance of mince pies, Christmas pudding as well as all the copious amounts of alcohol. Why not buy your Dad a Fitness Tracker that can help him remove the post Christmas podge. As well as being a watch, this item acts as an activity tracker whether its sports or normal everyday activities including the tracking of steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. The gift also has 14 exercise modes, automatic heart rate tracking as well as being able to see incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders and notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and much more.

There are always slippers

Whatever you decide to buy your Dad this year, you can never go wrong with the humble pair of slippers and now technology has lent a hand.  You can now buy memory foam slippers. The gift comes with 3 layers of memory foam and sponge making them super comfortable. Keep his feet warm, snug and comfy this Christmas with these hi-tech Sibba Men's Memory Foam Slippers.


He'll be walking around the house humming

Suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, LG, Sony , mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, and MP3 Players, these Betron Retro Over Ear Headphones will give him hours of enjoyment. With a classic design and Passive noise isolation there will be no unwanted external noises which will allow for enjoyment without disturbing the rest of the family unless he starts doing his Elvis impressions.

 Turn off the lights please Alexa

If your Dad is into his gadgets, then what better than the 'Echo Plus – With built-in smart home hub'? The Echo Plus connects to Alexa - a cloud-based voice service and will enable him to play his favourite music, make phone calls, set alarms and timers, ask questions, check traffic and weather, and more. The gift will also allow him control smart lights, thermostats, switches, door locks and more which are bought separately. This gift comes with a Philips Hue White E27 Edison Screw Light Bulb which means he will be able to say lights off please Alexa.


He can be King of the BBQ wherever he goes

He can be King of the barbie wherever he goes with this Weber Go-Anywhere BBQ. Get the old veggie burgers on the go with this great Christmas gift. Warning: this gift may lead to a change in vocabulary akin to Australian English such as tinnies, Sheilas and fair dinkum as well as him wearing some dodgy man apron.

 Dodgy man apron

A selection of cringe worthy man aprons are available that will certainly leave your Dad with a smile on his face and you with your head in your hands. Dad can be a Gladiator of the barbecue with this novelty kitchen apron.